San Diego Geometry Lab

San Diego Geometry Lab is a growing collective of mathematicians, engineers, artists, and burners spearheaded by Satyan Devadoss and Diane Hoffoss. We have created the San Diego Geometry Lab to bring the public to the edge of the mathematical unknown. The community appreciates some of the beauty inherent in mathematics, but unfortunately, a tremendous amount of art has been based on mathematical ideas that are usually centuries old. Our goal is to show that math is still a vibrant and magnificent subject by creating interesting and interactive art which illuminates some of the great unsolved or cutting-edge mathematics of our time.

Unfolding Humanity

We present an unfolding dodecahedron, which alludes both to Dürer’s 500-year-old unsolved geometric problem and to technology’s encapsulation of our lives. Through hinged connections along edges, our dodecahedron will be able to unfold into connected pentagons that will lay flat on the ground.

Deep Dive Into Project
Unfolding Humanity Exterior