Diane Hoffoss

Lead Artist/Project CoLead

My research interests are in a very visual area of mathematics called topology, which is closely related to geometry. It only took one conversation with topologist Jeff Weeks to see that sometimes drawing pictures can be the clearest way to communicate a mathematical idea, and I was hooked! I became a mathematics professor so that I could continue thinking about remarkably deep ideas in these beautiful visual ways, and so that I could spread my love of this way of thinking to my students.

I am beyond excited to be co-leading a project which combines so many things I love: geometry & mathematics research, involving students in projects, intricate lighting patterns, and large-scale art installations. I look forward to making our vision on this project a physical reality!

Satyan Devadoss

Project CoLead

With inspiration coming from computational science and design, much of my work revolves around the study of structures and patterns underlying shape. Underneath this mathematics lies a strong desire for proper visualization, from drawings to graphics to photography. Conveying results with visual clarity and simplicity is as important as the discovery of the ideas themselves. These ideas should also be made incarnate, for the physical matters. Humans care about how things look and feel and taste, especially fabulous ice cream. And mathematics is part of this tapestry, dealing not just with the mind, but the body as well, extending to our tangible world.

Quinn Pratt

Lead Engineeer

I am very excited to be working on my first art project, Unfolding Humanity. The message of the project - exploring the dichotomy of the humane vs. the machine - attracted me to work on it. I study nuclear energy and plasma physics, where it's easy to get trapped in programming and simulations. I relish the opportunity to take my engineering skill set and apply it to something more tangible and interactive. You can find me in San Diego exploring breweries and hiking trails.

Lee Hemingway

Project Advisor

After working on The Journey as the project manager in 2017, I thought I would not work on another playa bound art project The beauty of Unfolding Humanity and the unique team approach of working with academia really intrigued me so here I am on another project. In the end, there really is no better way to go to playa than with an art project. By day I work as graphic designer and web developer. I like my cat, generating highly complex images on the computer, photography, making ice cream and quilting. I am looking forward to fewer project hours and wearing more hats on this project.

Gordon Hoople

Engineering Advisor

Dr. Gordon D. Hoople is an assistant professor of general engineering at the University of San Diego. His research interests lie in microfluidics, rapid prototyping, genomics, and engineering ethics. He earned his MS and PhD in mechanical engineering from University of California, Berkeley and a BS in general engineering from Harvey Mudd College. Before joining the University of San Diego, he worked as a structural dynamics consultant where he tested aircraft, rockets, and roller coasters.

Sydney Platt

USD Student Assistant Mechanical Engineer

I am a mechanical engineering major and math minor at the University of San Diego. I am excited to watch this project unfold and to be a part of something that utilizes creativity and engineering to show that engineering can be an art and a science. This will be an incredible opportunity to utilize my creative side and gain knowledge about the interworking of engineering a structure that is structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful and interactive. I enjoy what San Diego's beaches and hiking path and the intersections of nature, technology and art. I am excited to see where my career takes me and how this project will develop as the year goes on.

Elizabeth Sampson

USD Student Assistant Engineer

I am a junior at the University of San Diego studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Math and Supply Chain Management. I am so excited to work on this project because music has made me happy ever since I was a little a girl. I am an assistant engineer for this project. My main areas of focus will be to help come up with a prototype and test our calculations both mathematically and physically and help create the most efficient way to buy and organize materials. I'm so excited to combine my love for music and engineering to help create a master piece.

Max Elliott

Lead Electronics Engineer

I am a software engineer for Sony Playstation by day, and a mad scientist in the off-hours. I love tinkering with LEDs and microcontrollers, and making wearable illuminated art. I stumbled upon Colab and Unfolding Humanity on social media, and realized I might be able to contribute. After the first few meetings, it was pretty clear. This was my kind of project. Super excited to be helping out now. Together we are going to bring something beautiful and fascinating to the playa!

J Good

Maker, Tech, Artist, Subculturist

My friends call me J Good. I support medical software by day and I'm a resident CNC Laser expert and instructor at sdcolab.org by night. Past work includes event production in the Brooklyn, NY Burning Man community. Sushi chef in Park City, UT. Ski Instructor in the northeast. I love the outdoors, I'm fascinated by our place in the universe and I still think human aviation is amazing. See what I'm making on instagram @Jgood

Danielle "D.D." Latimore

Marketing Director

As someone who is no stranger to life’s beautiful array of what may seem like contradictions to many, my varied interests have allowed me to find unique connections in so many different walks of life. Thus, I am beyond thrilled to aid in the promotion of this beautifully complex and original project exploring a wide expanse of mathematical and artistic ideas. Armed with schooling and experience in both mathematics and marketing, I can’t wait to help spread the word and ignite community support and enthusiasm for this endeavor!